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The new single by Scott Lloyd ‘In The Water’ is the fourth single to be released that is taken from his upcoming second album.

The songs themes revolve around growing up and learning about mistakes that are made along the way and the challenges around maturity and how you learn to live with changing perspectives as you enter adulthood. Scott wrote this song over the course of around 2 years, with the original song being something different to the final product. Scott had the melody for the verses against a different set of chords, he wasn’t happy with the way it sounded so he decided to sit on the song for a while to see if any new ideas came for it. After months of working on other songs and ideas he came back to this one, and while working on this song a new set of chords and melodies came along that worked with the original melody and lyrics he had written. From this the song took on a new lease of life and eventually became the song as it is today.

In The Water was recorded at Red Sand Studio, Chorlton, Manchester with producer Mathieu Garcia in Summer 2021.



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With Different Eyes Scott Lloyd

The self-titled debut album, ‘Scott Lloyd’, is out now. Available to download, stream and on CD via –

It features three previous singles, ‘Living In The Dark’, ‘Down To Earth’ and ‘Looking Out To Sea’, all were released Summer 2018 to critical acclaim.

Interview with Marsh Towers about the debut album –

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