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‘Scott Lloyd’ – Debut Album – Out 19/04/19

Northern singer/songwriter, Scott Lloyd, is to release his self-titled debut album on Friday 19th April 2019 via Aardvark Records UK.



Scott is set to release his self-titled debut album via digital music retail sites, streaming sites and physical CDs. It features his three previous singles, ‘Living In The Dark’, ‘Down To Earth’ and ‘Looking Out To Sea’, all were released Summer 2018 to critical acclaim.

The album covers themes such as self-discovery, relationships, love, friendships, mental health, home, nostalgia, the past and the future, lonliness, growing up, loss and family. Scott chose to leave the album self-titled as an indicator as to how personal the songs are to him and to allow the album to be an introduction to his world. All eight tracks are straight from the depths of his ideas, idelogies and experiences. The songs are more than just a selection of the best songs Scott has written over the past year but more a journal as to where he is mentally, physically and philisophically at this moment in his life. Each track has been thought out to the ‘nth’ degree to allow the songs to gel together as one thematic coherent body of work, without the demand to call the album a ‘concept’. With this being Scott’s debut album, at the age of 30, he is determind that he is still discovering who he is in a complicated world where it seems self-promotion and self-obsession takes prominence over more substantial and important factors such as family, friendships and love.

Scott wanted to create an album that the listener could listen to straight through and feel like they have spent time with him and able them to understand more as to what makes him tick. Hopefully, this would allow the listener to connect with Scott, and relate to his values and interests or understand the expieriences he sings about throughout the album. This is an album of songs that could only come from Scott’s voice. The stand-out track ‘Looking Out To Sea’ is a song that references to direct moments in Scott’s life in a very autobiographical way. The song takes the listener on a journey through Scott’s childhood, adolescence and adulthood; painting a picture of Scott as a person through his memories that he reminisces about, eventually leading to his feelings and outlook at the present day. The closing line being ‘She’s looking out with me…’ showing that Scott is now sharing his life with his wife since he was married in Summer 2018.

Scott wanted to give the listener a thorough introduction to himself as an artist via these eight songs. Each with flowing melodies, bright production, foot tapping rhythm’s and dreamy harmonies that give the songs a postitive ‘pop’ song vibe, but still retaining the philosophical spin that Scott embodies as a person. The song ‘Searching’ is a catchy-simple tune that deals with the singer’s endeavour to constantly look for more, even if he isn’t sure as to what he is looking for. There is a feeling of longing that Scott sings about that is built into us all; to find the answers to the questions we don’t know to ask.

The album was recorded at Red Sand Studios in Chorlton, Manchester throughout 2018 with producer Mathieu Garcia. Scott met Mathieu at an open mic night he was running in 2017 and expressed his trouble with not knowing which direction to take his music. Not knowing whether to find a backing band and go down the route of a more fuller sound (which he did back in 2016 for his EP, In The Garden) or to persue the singer-songwriter route and do another acoustic album. Mathieu was able to accomodate Scott and help him record 4 new songs he had written. Mathieu owns a home studio in which he is a master of high-quality production with the home studio equipment he uses. Mathieu, with Scott’s direction, played all the instruments on the album except the acoustic guitar, vocals and harmonica. The producer, Mathieu played a very important role in creating the album from the songs Scott brought to him and he was instrumental, in not only the finished sound of the album but also, in mentoring Scott by giving him the career guidance and support he needed to steer his music career into the right direction. After the songs were recorded Mathieu urged Scott, who was then unsigned, to send them to a record label. Scott then emailed the songs to Aardvark Records, who instantly became interested and signed Scott not long after hearing them. After 3 singles were released throughout 2018 via the label, Scott was ready to record more songs and release them all on his debut album in Spring 2019.

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Press quotes:

“Singer, songwriter, storyteller. Scott Lloyd has spent the best part of 5 years establishing himself as one of the talented artists on the Manchester music scene…” – The Emergence –

“Scott Lloyd knows how to captivate the listener with his storytelling talent.” – James Wilson (Indie Band Guru) –

“This promising artist has taken a big step forward and I’m interested to see where this road will lead next.” – James Fenney (Belwood Music)

“His style continues to develop and it is clear to me Looking Out To Sea is his best song to date.” – Marsh Towers

“Scott is really hitting his stride and his music is set to grow in popularity. He is a hard-working singer/songwriter who definitely deserves listening to…”- Marsh Towers –

“…music of this quality can carry his name to the highest places.” – Tom Welsh (Design A Gig) –

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Hailing from the northern town of Middlesbrough, Scott Lloyd is an English singer songwriter. In his younger years, Scott was influenced by his fathers passion for music which eventually lead him to teaching himself the acoustic guitar. Scott is inspired by singer songwriters such as Lennon & McCartney, Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel and Bruce Springsteen.

After graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University, Scott moved to the city and self-released a string of EPs which were well received among listeners and critics alike. This, along with consistently playing live at open mic nights around Manchester, built up a solid reputation for Scott as a talented artist.

Scott’s music is known for its melodic and lyrical qualities. A combination of Neil Young’s emotional and personal lyricism and The Beatles’ catchy and flowing melodies, with recognisable influences from Ryan Adams, Richard Hawley and The Smiths. Scott plays guitar and the harmonica on his recordings, as well as co-producing all his arrangements, which manage to harness the sound of live musicianship into studio sound quality.

In early 2018, Scott signed to Cornwall based independent record and publishing label, Aardvark Records for three years. A string of singles were released throughout the year which accumulated with the release of Scott’s debut album in early 2019.

The singer’s last self-released EP was called In The Garden, and came out in 2017 with a sold out launch in Manchester. Scott released his fourth EP in 2015 entitled Ironopolis, inspired by firm roots in his hometown of Middlesbrough. Straight after release it reached number 12 on the iTunes Singer Songwriter Charts.

Following this release, Scott was invited to an acoustic live session at BBC Introducing Tees and played at Glastonbury Festival in 2015. Scott then crossed the Atlantic to perform acoustic shows of the album on a tour from San Francisco right across to Vancouver in Canada.

Since his debut EP released in 2013, entitled Long Live You, Scott has released six EPs as an independent artist. All songs are written and performed by Scott except In The Garden which was recorded and performed live with a full backing band in 2017. Scott’s other EPs are; The Northern Gate (2013), Give Me Something (2014), Ironopolis (2015) and The Game (2016).

Scott’s pop/rock/folk sound and songwriting has been lauded in the music and Manchester media including The Skinny, Merc, Clash, Narc, NE Volume, Telegraph Music, Manchester Evening News and Sunday Girl Magazine.

For more information about Scott Lloyd please visit his website on to find links to videos and his previous EPs and upcoming gigs.


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